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"We live in a culture dominated by pixels, increasingly unmoored from corpor-eal reality. Movies are stuffed with CGI and, in such "performance animation" films as "Beowulf," overwhelmed by them. Some big pop-music hits are so cyberized the singer might as well be telling you to press 1 if you know your party's exten-sion. Even sculpture has adopted digital "rapid prototyping" technology that allows whatever a programmer can imagine to be translated into 3-D objects in plastic. Why should photography be any different? Why shouldn't it give in to the digital temptation to make every landscape shot look like the most absolutely beautiful scenery in the whole history of the universe, or turn every urban view into a high-rise fantasy?"
Wikipedia, like deviantART, is run mostly by volunteers, who contribute both because they enjoy doing so and because they believe in its mission. But, of course, there has to be someone to power the servers, hire legal counsel, and act as a final arbitrator in disputes. So Wikipedia is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, which is chairmaned by Jimmy Wales, while dA has a CEO, Angelo Sotira.

Sotira, as anyone who researches dA's history will quickly find out, is far from universally popular. Allegations of misuse of power are made about him; his detractors say he is overbearing. Additionally, they claim that he inflated his own role as one of the founders of the company.

But why do I recite these observations when most readers know the situation better than I do? Because everything that I said about Sotira is true about Wales as well. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger argues that Wales is taking all the credit for Wikipedia, when in fact it was a team product. And Wales has removed unflattering information from Wikipedia articles about himself, and allegedly used his powers to delete comments that would discredit his story.

Why do I continue to contribute to Wikipedia after finding this out? Because despite Jimbo's actions, Wikipedia remains an amazing place. The misdeeds of its founder have not and can not change the quality of our comprehensive free encyclopedia. The same holds true for deviantART. You can be disgusted at Sotira's actions while admitting that dA is still a wonderful website. The center of deviantART is the deviants, and while misdeeds on the corporate side are unfortunate, they are ultimately minor.